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3D Modeling

Our Customers

We work with all links in the construction supply chain including;

  • Clients:  We generally work with company’s who have supply chain framework agreements in place and are genuinely committed to reducing their capital & operational expenditure. We currently work in the Energy, Water, Air Sectors and commercial / residential development sectors, but we are not averse to expanding our market focus to suit a specific Client need.
  • Main Contractors: The typical bid cycle is short and achieving good levels of integration between key specialist trades is often challenging. Our main contracting Clients generally want to mitigate risk in the design & build process and mitigate overruns/claims by better integration of the product and the build process. Our teams have excellent experience of working in the Education, Health and Commercial sectors.
  • Specialist contractors: Aside from the delivery process, a major challenge for installers is managing design data through-out their project process. Quantification is a continual challenge, having to continually measure material quantities for pricing, procurement, payment, etc. Our teams have experience of working with Clients to produce live bills of materials driven from our 3D models. These companies are actually normally those who build some or all of a project and want to maximise their efficiency and reduce costly mistakes derived from poor planning.
  • Manufacturers: Component suppliers are always keen to engage in the design process and help their Clients become more effective, these people are those who make bits of the structure and want to improve their products and understand how they integrate with others’.