Detailing & 3D Modeling Design Manager

Central Europe In-Country

REPORTS TO - Senior Design Manager
DIRECT REPORTS - Document Controllers
MAIN INTERFACES - CTG Clients (Contractors &
Consultant Engineers), Directors, Off-shore Team
QUALIFICATIONS - Engineering Degree or relevant experience
ISSUE DATE - 2 November 2011

Overall Purpose

To manage the design detailing process from the initial sale through to the final payment for works completed

Key Activities (Sales / Business Development)
  • Actively participate with directors & management to formulate plans for securing new opportunities.
  • Maintain a broad network of relationships with Clients, Contractors & Consultants to identify potential new business opportunities & feedback information to directors & management.
  • Work in conjunction with the directors to develop & maintain b2b relationships with current potential Client organisations.
  • Manage the pre-contact activities involved in understanding & bidding potential projects.

Project Delivery
  • Define & clarify Clients specific design detailing requirements.
  • Plan produce a detailing strategy for each project.
  • Project-manage all jobs in accordance with the detailing strategy to ensure successful timely delivery of all projects using technology tools provided.
  • Act as the conduit between internal / external stakeholders & ensure effective communication takes place between all stakeholders.
  • Act as the in-country detailing expert & ensure all queries are resolved in a timely fashion.
  • Actively manage change in the design process gain agreement to all additional works in advance of completion.
  • Check all drawings for quality to ensure compliance with the prescribed detailing strategy.
  • Manage the commercial aspects of the project, including invoicing and obtaining payment.

People Management
  • Establish meaningful goals & objectives, delegate delivery responsibility to the lowest appropriate level & provide the drive, support, guidance & encouragement to ensure commercial success of the business.
  • Ensure all DC’s have a good understanding of their role & responsibilities, giving the appropriate motivation & leading by personal example.

Key Competencies (Technical)
  • Excellent understanding of the reinforced concrete design & detailing.
  • Good comprehension of how structures are constructed, including a good understanding of the buildability issues faced by Clients in delivering projects.
  • Thorough understanding of Health & Safety regulations & legislation.
  • Ability to control and reduce health & safety risks.
  • Knowledge & understanding of CDM regulations.

  • Communicates accurately, concisely and in a timely manner, demonstrating effective listening skills.
  • Works hard at adapting communication to suit different audiences.
  • Communicates views & concerns openly, honestly & will constructively challenge others, handling disagreements & conflict effectively.
  • Provides straightforward & accurate information about the most difficult & complex issues or policies.
  • Ability to effectively influence & negotiate.
  • Builds relationships both within Constructive and externally.

Personal Drive
  • Prepared to take initiative, a self-starter who always rises to the challenge.
  • Always looking for the next challenge.
  • Has a positive attitude to change & remains resilient & positive even when under considerable pressure.
  • Must be a ‘finisher’ with great attention to detail & can effectively cope with setbacks.
  • Prepared to make personal sacrifice to ensure a goal is achieved.
  • Strives to fulfil own potential & continues to self-develop.
  • Actively seeks opportunities for learning, & advancing professional qualifications.
  • Willingness to develop & work in a team; encourages & adopts team goals; understands & appreciates others roles; learns from others.

Business & Commercial Acumen
  • Able to identify risks & opportunities & put in place pro-active plans to manage them.
  • Able to define how changes in the external market affects the business & can put proposals forward to address these.
  • Describe critical success factors of Clients for their projects & highlight strategies for delivering these.
  • Highly competent in the application of IT skills.

Client Focus (Internal & External)
  • Understands the key measures by which his/ her performance will be measured.
  • Works to ensure Client service is an integrated part of their work.
  • Proactively drives through changes that bring about improvements.
  • Actively works to improve the public perception of Constructive.
  • Proactive in using direct & informal contacts with Clients and/or their consultants to constantly monitor Client satisfaction & pick up cues regarding satisfaction & future needs/opportunities.
  • Can quickly gain a good understanding of Clients business and is responsive to Client needs.
  • Establish regular contact with Clients. Keep them informed of progress, to ensure continued satisfaction.

  • Is able to develop innovative solutions that directly contribute to Constructive & the Client both in the short & medium term.
  • Challenges traditional views & looks for improvement through adopting a new approach.
  • Willing to cast aside traditional assumptions & try approaching issues from a different angle or perspective.
  • Effective at taking the ‘seed’ of an idea & developing it as an approach that can add value.
  • Useful sounding board for new ideas & ways of doing things.