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The SteelPac range of products have been specifically designed for the steel reinforcement industry and are revolutionising the way steel is ordered, managed and produced across the complete supply chain.


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working on some on the most ambitious and impressive construction projects around the world providing a comprehensive detailing service throughout the world.


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As well as continually developing ourselves to set industry standards we are always on the look out to work closely with innovative technology companies in order to stay a step ahead in Construction.


Construction Projects in the Middle East


Constructive are currently involved in construction projects around the world. For details on our current projects in the Middle East use the navigation on the left hand side to select a project.

"Upon implementing our SteelPac system the benefits were immediate. Bending schedules are created much more speedily and accurately.

Under and over ordering has been eliminated and this has improved scrap and waste levels, delivering hard cost savings. Information is clearer and readily available at the push of a button to steel fixers, engineers and the QS alike. This has enabled us to offer a much faster response time to queries and changes from the client and other interested parties and therefore to improve our service."

John Steele
General Manager at Douglas OHI

"With our production software now being compatible with the SteelPac technology, I believe that this will be the catalyst for manufacturers and contractors working together and acheiving shorter ordering and supply times without the risk of error. In addition to this SteelPac also gives both parties a complete history of what has been ordered, and what remains to be ordered, with SteelPac even being sensitive to revision updates."

Kelvin Dagless
General Manager at Corporate Technology