Steelpac CRC


Steelpac CRC For the Centralized reporting of
all Steelpac Site Reinforcement data no matter
where your Steelpac data is located.

Steelpac CRC Overview

Steelpac CRC (Centralized Reporting Client) is a reporting client linked to all the Steelpac Site databases across the Project / Development.
It provides a high level overview of the data stored in each Steelpac database.

Why SteelPac CRC ?
• High level overview of Rebar consumption across your entire business
• Supplier delivery performance and accuracy
• Detailing quality by compliance to British Standards
• Shapecode Analysis for your entire company
• Bar type and grade analysis for your entire company
• Total weight summary sheet across all your projects / depots
• Provides an instant, accurate picture of your requirement
• Analyses rebar consumption and provides forecasting data
• Web based and accessible from anywhere in the world
• Live, up to date information of all rebar consumption
• Join the SteelPac E-Rebar Supply chain

Steelpac CRC Screenshots

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