About Us


The Constructive Group of companies have significant in-house, engineering, processing, technology & project management skill & experience in the area of Steel Reinforcement.

We deliver solutions specific to the country we operate in our main offices are based in the UAE, UK, Hong Kong & India.

Our Group is able to offer:

  • Rebar Software for the entire supply chain
  • Rebar Design & Detailing
  • Rebar Management Services
  • Rebar Off Site & On Site Processing & Management

Our management team is diverse, with significant experience in all facets of our operations and all our people are professionally qualified individuals.

Over the last 16 years we have developed a unique comprehensive collection of steel reinforcement services & solutions which with a Technology suite to manage the entire process. Over time our services have been continually enhanced to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. Our software suite that integrates and drives our management process is a mature suite of products that has always been at the leading edge of technology development in the reinforced concrete structures marketplace.

Our customers see real value from our integrated unique service, their repeat business over the past 16 years is testament to this and our experience is second to none. That's why some of the largest Rebar projects in the world have chosen us to provide them with the control, efficiency, innovation and transparency they require on their world-class projects.

Our business objectives are:
  • To optimise and reduce the cost of the design, management, production and installation processes within the RC value stream utilising best in class people + processes + technology
  • To be recognised as a world leading group of companies focused on the RC structures market
  • To constantly develop leading edge technology within our chosen markets