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Why use our RC Detailing Service?

Outsourcing RC Detailing

To the Client

  • Overall savings in frame costs.
  • Faster construction.
  • A less adversarial approach to the design between Consulting Engineer and Specialist Concrete Contractor.

To the Consulting Engineer

  • Fewer problems in interpretation of drawings by site personnel.
  • Elimination of the need to change to contractor-inspired alternatives to the design, especially those at a late stage when work on site may even have commenced.
  • No scheduling error consequences.
  • More time for conceptual design.
  • A work-load in concrete similar to other forms of construction.

To the Specialist Concrete Contractor

  • The opportunity to influence the detailing of reinforcement and to introduce innovative ideas and improvements in safety, efficiency, Buildability and quality.
  • The opportunity to schedule the detailing in a preferred order.
  • Full control of information-flow and therefore less opportunity for delay.
  • A more competitive product and hence an enhanced in-situ concrete industry.
  • A greater appreciation of the design factors which can influence site operations, for example:

- Back Propping

The Specialist Concrete Contractor may choose to increase reinforcement in slabs or beams in order to reduce back propping. This option would normally be at his own expense unless the client has a specific requirement, ie. early access by following trades.

- Pour Size

Under certain circumstances, pour sizes can be limited by reinforcement content, but conversely, the Specialist Concrete Contractor may find it beneficial in terms of cost or programme to increase reinforcement in order to undertake larger pours.

- Placing of concrete

This is mainly a question of Buildability. Increasing bar sizes to ease congestion may save time and money on site.

- Fixing tolerances

The Specialist Concrete Contractor may choose his preferred configurations to have a beneficial effect on fixing tolerances.

- Rationalisation

Rationalisation can improve production and reduce errors, compensating for extra reinforcement. The Specialist Concrete Contractor is often in the best position to judge this factor.

- Early stripping

By increasing reinforcement or concrete strength, early stripping of formwork may be possible.

- Prefabrication

The Specialist Concrete Contractor is in the best position to judge when prefabrication is advantageous, even when it involves extra reinforcement.

Health & Safety

The increasing importance of health and safety issues necessitates added responsibility for all contractors. All parties to the contract must be aware of, and fully implement, the CDM Regulations (1994) in their respective tasks. Contractor Detailing allows the Specialist Concrete Contractor to have a major influence on related decisions affecting health and safety issues.