Constructive are committed to improving the processes involved in the steel reinforcement industry. We aim to increase the efficiency of the Reinforced Concrete process by ever expanding on our range of products to cater for every step of the total RC solution.

Constructive Software

The SteelPac range of products have been specifically designed for the steel reinforcement industry and are revolutionising the way steel is ordered, managed and produced across the complete supply chain.

The idea is to enable the seamless transfer of bar schedule data between the Consulting Engineer, the Contractor and the Reinforcement Suppliers. Constructive have pioneered file formats, such as the .SDI & .SOI files, that have been rapidly adopted by other technology suppliers to the industry and have quickly become established as 'Industry Standard'. SteelPac is now fully compatible with all Reinforced Concrete detailing software and the production software of all suppliers, thus ensuring total flexibility for your project. However the supply chain fits together on your particular project, SteelPac technology can be configured to help you eliminate errors, save time, reduce waste and improve visibility; in short to significantly reduce your costs.