RC Detailing

Constructive RC Detailing

Constructive provide Reinforcement detail
drawings and bar bending schedules for major projects
around the world. 

The service we provide combines a wealth of
experience in RC detailing with state of the art
reinforced detailing software combined with our
experienced staff we can provide a one stop
shop for you RC detailing needs.

RC Detailing


RC Detailing Benefits

Benefits of outsourcing RC Detailing.
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RC Detailing FAQ

RC Detailing Frequently asked questions.
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Steelpac RDM

Steelpac's revolutionary new drawing management system.
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Detailing Projects

View some of our detailing projects from throughout the world.
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Why use our RC Detailing Service?

Outsourcing RC Detailing

With our significant detailing resource we have the capacity and experience through our international detailing facility to undertake projects from the simplest ground beam to the largest structures.

We have local Design Managers with 15 years+ experience each, who work as part of your team to deliver your requirements, we DO NOT compromise on quality and we fully manage the entire process for you, interacting with the entire supply chain.

We use our market leading reinforced detailing software developed in house - Steelpac RCD, this product has been used for over 15 years and combined with our experienced staff we can provide a one stop shop for RC detailing services.

Constructive are fully equipped to meet your RC Detailing requirements, with offices in the UK, Dubai and Manila we have the right experience globally to undertake projects off all sizes. Our Steelpac software developers work closely alongside our rebar detailers to ensure we continue to set industry standards in RC Detailing accuracy and productivity.

What makes us unique in the market place, is our wealth of knowledge and involvement in the entire rebar process, its critical to understand and complement the downstream rebar process, what is detailed must be ordered, produced and installed as cost effectively as possible, our position at every stage of the reinforcement process ensures this happens.

We can provide our unique service on a cost per tonne or per drawing, please click the below link to send us some details of your projects for us to price, or for further information.