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RC Detailing Service FAQ

Outsourcing RC Detailing

Why is Contractor Detailing required?

Contractor Detailing has been identified by RC Frame Contractors as a means to introduce cost-effective improvements to the industry. By using the expertise and experience of both the detailers and RC Contractors, they can jointly generate savings through improved Design / Buildability and also benefit from reduced costs of the reinforcement detailing operation.

Is the Consulting Engineer's responsibility affected?

No. Even where innovative solutions from RC Concrete Contractors are proposed, especially on Buildability issues, the Consulting Engineer remains responsible for ensuring that the design is translated safely into a completed structure.

What quality of detail must the Detailing Engineer produce?

This must be of a quality that is sufficient to allow for correct placement of reinforcement within the structure, as well as for checking by the Consulting Engineer.

How much freedom is available to the Detailer?

The Detailer should interpret the design requirements in conjunction with the construction process. Provided that the relevant standards are met, e.g. BS 8110, together with any specific requirements, the Detailer has complete freedom.

How specific should the Consulting Engineer's reinforcement requirements be?

In normal situations only design reinforcement needs to be shown. Additional material should be included by the Detailer in accordance with relevant standards and common practice.

Who should carry out the detailing?

This work should be carried out by a recognised and competent Detailer, who is fully aware of the relevant standards and detailing practices.

What about procedures for dealing with queries?

This may vary depending upon contractual arrangements, but it is preferred that the Detailer should have direct contact with the Consulting Engineer for this purpose (with the RC Frame Contractor's permission).

What effect does Contractor Detailing have on the program?

There may be little difference to what is currently experienced. However, as the RC Frame Contractor will be responsible for the process, it is likely that any delays normally experienced in receiving information from the Consulting Engineer will be negated and time will therefore be saved.

What happens if there are late changes to the design?

There should be an agreement, or contract, between the relevant parties on how to deal with late changes, especially where they emanate from any party other than the Specialist Concrete Contractor. 'Late' needs to be defined (suggest within 28 days of the commencement of fixing) and agreement reached on who implements and pays for the extra work.