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28 June 2009

Dubai AirportThe management of Steel Reinforcement is not an area that is traditionally associated with IT innovations, but with the arrival of the SteelPac suite of products in the Middle East this has changed. The SteelPac tools enable the creation, and subsequently the seamless transfer, of electronic Bar Bending schedules between all members of the Reinforcement supply chain.

SteelPac products are now used widely in the UK & UAE by Consulting Engineers, Contractors on site and the Reinforcement Suppliers themselves. Bar bending schedules can be prepared quickly and accurately with automatic weight and cut length calculations. SteelPac also offers compatibility with all major CAD type packages and can import schedules created in this manner.

Crucially, all schedules created or imported are automatically validated against the relevant Standard and any problem Bar Marks or other errors are immediately highlighted for correction. This eliminates the need for extensive manual checking and prevents errors being discovered by the Supplier and the potential delays that can follow.

John Steele, General Manager of Douglas OHI , used Steelpac in Oman for the Diwan of Royal Court Affairs. John said “Upon implementing our SteelPac system the benefits were immediate. Bending schedules are created much more speedily and accurately. Under and over ordering has been eliminated which has improved scrap and waste levels, delivering hard cost savings. Information is clearer and readily available at the push of a button to steel fixers, engineers and the QS alike.

This has enabled us to offer a much faster response time to queries from the client and other interested parties, thereby improving our service.”. It is anticipated that the rapid adoption of SteelPac by Contractors in the UAE will also occur in the Gulf Region, as now more than ever contractors and clients see a requirement to take control of their Reinforcement needs in order to eliminate costly errors, waste, and the duplication of effort that occurs today.

Constructive are proud to announce that SteelPac has recently been selected by Al Naboodah to manage the entire Re-Bar process at the Dubai International Airport – New Terminal.

SteelPac RC is being used by detailing practices across three countries to create, validate and issue Bar Bending Schedules both for the approvals process and for construction. SteelPac Site is being used by ‘Construction Teams’ on site to receive and manage schedules and to order Re-Bar. These orders are received seamlessly into the Production systems being used by the local suppliers.

Reinforcement suppliers also benefit from SteelPac, they are able to receive Steel Fabrication Notices electronically. Bending schedules can also be quickly and accurately created, with fully automated validation, and with the ability to electronically issue for approval if required.

Kelvin Dagless of Corporate Technology says “With our production processes now compatible with the SteelPac technology, I believe that this will be the catalyst for manufacturers and contractors working together and achieving shorter ordering and supply times without the risk of error. In addition to this SteelPac gives both parties a complete history of what has been ordered, and what remains to be ordered, with SteelPac even being sensitive to revision updates.”

In the last 5 years SteelPac has managed over 2.5 million tonnes of Rebar in the UAE, in 2008 SteelPac was also select by ALDAR to manage the entire reinforcement process on AL Raha beach in Abu Dhabi.

According to Andrew Woolnough, Managing Director Constructive Group, the creators of SteelPac…“The beauty of the system is that the technology is so easy to use that training of even computer shy people is complete within a couple of hours…cost savings, therefore, become available immediately”.

If you are a Contractor, a Reinforcement Supplier or a Consulting Engineer who is involved with Reinforcement you can now take advantage of a real improvement in working practice with the SteelPac solution.

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