The RebarBID software was designed for speed and
ease of use by estimators for estimators.

Rebar BIDRebarBID

RebarBID is a powerful yet user-friendly material take-off software application designed for Estimators working for Contractors and Rebar Fabricators. Powerful function macros are used to calculate typical bar developments such as beams, slabs and column bars. RebarBID dramatically improves estimating productivity and accuracy because it effectively eliminates the tedious and error prone task of transcribing to and from paper. All entries are validated before they are converted to pieces, lengths and weights. Estimators can copy and paste repetitious and similar blocks of data, (like Microsoft Excel) in a single screen.

Designed for fast operation
RebarBID was designed by estimators for ease of use and speed of operation using special RebarBID configurable hotkeys and standard Windows commands. The main screen accepts estimator's comments, message text and line item labels, which can trigger special subtotaling.

Technically advanced functionality
Powerful engineering configuration for hooks, steel grades, bar sizes and laps mean you spend your time actually estimating, not making and checking repetitive and tedious calculations. Calculates quantities based on span and spacing - incl. varying bars • Spacing calculations for any structure type - Beams, columns and complex tie configurations - Can be automated with user-defined formulas • RebarBID will also estimate placing and placing costs.

Flexible and adaptable to all types of work
Estimator's line comments, line item notes, etc. can trigger RebarBID's special subtotaling facilities. Estimates can be broken down into sub-structures and navigated using an easy-to-use 'Windows Explorer' style menu to organize material take-offs.

Quick estimate feature
RebarBID provides a unique quick estimate feature, which calculates the quantity of rebar from volumes or areas of concrete based upon a unit weight of rebar. This facility also enables companies to develop and track histories of rebar weights, concrete volumes and areas.

Function macros for most structures
RebarBID comes complete with a comprehensive range of function macros for estimating most commonplace structural elements. Linear runs of steel, circular shapes, rectangular areas, radial steel, varying bars, standard tie patterns and much more. Laps are automatically included and counts of stock bars and run-out bars are developed. Please call in for a current list of function macros.

Create your own function Macros
RebarBID allows users to create new macros, complete with graphics, even without any programming knowledge! This enables users to optimize the performance of RebarBID.

Pricing and Subtotaling
Multiple levels of subtotaling ensure that the information you need is always at your fingertips. RebarBID can summarize estimates in many different ways. RebarBID interfaces to an optional Labour Pricing module. Each separate structure or sub-structure can have its own labour rates or a single rate may be applied to the entire job. Alternatively, RebarBID can calculate the total labour cost by applying rates for; Cost per man-day, total days required, total cost, overheads and profit margins, and other miscellaneous costs.

Printed and electronic output
RebarBID produces custom reports that can be configured easily by the user. Bids can be output electronically so they can be emailed, faxed or otherwise digitally transmitted directly from RebarBID.

Report Cover Pages
RebarBID's cover page provides an overview of the estimate by presenting job name, estimator, architect, engineer, customer; drawing references, comments together and default values & units.

Estimate Detail Report
This more detailed report includes all material, comments and other detailed information entered by the estimator along with extended lengths, weights and notes for each line item.

Summary of Items
This brief report shows quantities of all lengths by size and grade Material summaries by item label for placing operations.

Segment and Sub-Segment Totals
Displays material weights, itemized by grade, size, heavy bending, light bending, broken down by bid item and/or structure. Pricing information can be applied to each segment.

Grand Total
The total weights and pricing are calculated and displayed based on a user-defined template. Totals are provided for straight steel, heavy and light bending, material type, and size.

Reporting and Bid Submitting
RebarBID's customizable printing and reporting facilities mean estimates can be printed, faxed or emailed directly from within the software.

Simple yet sophisticated is also the name of the game for RebarBID's pricing package.

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