Steelpac CLOUD


The Steelpac CLOUD is an online platform & a collection of
mobile Apps that enable independent digital cloud based
management of the entire Steel reinforcement process across
all your projects regardless of your project configuration.

Steelpac CLOUD Overview

It provides a live overview to ensure complete transparency and visibility of the Steel Reinforcement Detailing, Site Management and Production processes, including GPS tracking and location of Steel bundles. All data is securely stored on the SteelPac Cloud platform and is accessible from anywhere in the world via a web browser, your phone, tablet or computer.

Why SteelPac CLOUD ?
• Compatibility with 3D & 2D Rebar Detailing Software
• High level overview of Rebar consumption across your entire business
• Supplier delivery performance and management
• Compatibility with Rebar Production Software
• Compatibility with the CARES Cloud
• Compliance and validation to British & International Standards
• Structure & Element Analysis
• Work Flow and process Management
• Electronic Steel call off orders and Reconciliation
• Integrated Digital Delivery
• Logistics & Delivery Traceability & Management
• Steel fixing Management
• Redundant Material Management

Steelpac CLOUD Screenshots

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