Steelpac Site


Steelpac Site A Powerful tool for Contractors to Order
and Manage Steel Reinforcement on site.

Steelpac Site FlowSteelpac Site

SteelPac Site is the heart of the SteelPac Total Rebar Solution, the central focus around which the whole rebar process revolves. It provides a straightforward, intuitive and comprehensive system that enables contractors to plan, manage and interrogate their reinforcement on site, to create electronic orders, and to cut and bend at the point of use. Now, contractors can have fully accurate information at all times, and enjoy complete control of the whole reinforcement process.

Why SteelPac Site?
• Significant Time and Cost Savings for your project
• Much faster more accurate transparent Rebar Process
• Reduced or eliminated scrap / waste on site
• Intelligent Change Management ensuring that design changes are implemented speedily and with 100% accuracy
• Cost recovery information through change monitoring and supplier performance analysis
• Validation of all Bar Marks to British and International standards ensuring errors are trapped early in the process thus
  minimising queries and avoiding potential construction delays
• Optimisation functionality to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum waste from any on site production facility
• Affordable for Projects of any size; pricing is sensitive to Project Size and linked to the savings
• Join the SteelPac E-Rebar Supply chain

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