Steelpac RCD


Steelpac RCD Rebar Detailing for AutoCAD

Steelpac RCD - Detailing SoftwareSteelpac RCD Overview

SteelPac RCD is seamlessly integrated into RCS and SITE to extract all rebar details directly from your drawings into the supply chain. The program has been successfully used by Contractors Consulting Engineers and Detailing firms for over 15 years on many of the world’s largest & most prestigious building and civil engineering projects. SteelPac RCD is an AutoCAD application making it easy for detailers to learn. Bar Bending Schedules are produced automatically in printed or electronic format and can comply with many standards such as ACI 315, BS4466 or BS8666.and SABS 82. SteelPac RCD is widely used as part of the SteelPac’s electronic rebar supply chain.

Why SteelPac RCD?
• Designed by RC Detailers for RC Detailers.
• An integral part of the SteelPac suite.
• Fully Automatic electronic bar schedules.
• Stretch and update - quick revisions.
• Multi edit - Bulk edit with a single command.
• Eliminate errors from bar bending schedules.
• Automatic RC detailing macros.
• Easy to use.
• Adds rebar functionality to AutoCAD.
• MDI functionality - reuse existing AutoCAD drawings and details.
• Become part of the SteelPac Electronic rebar supply chain.

Steelpac RCD- Detailing software

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