Steelpac RDM


Steelpac RDM Steelpac's Revolutionary New Drawing
Management System

Steelpac RDM

Steelpac RDMThis new innovative system gives you total control over the whole detailing process so unlike normal outsourcing Steelpac RDM enables you to track progress of your RC Drawings from beginning through to completion.

Steelpac RDM system is like having your own detailing office with over 100 experienced detailers to meet all your drawing office needs.

How the system works:

For all existing clients just log on and create a new contract.
For new clients just contact our office and we will set you up an account.

Structural Activity Groups Tell us what and when you want the information. i.e. Pile Caps – 24/05/07

Upload All your G.A’s and Design Intent information which will then be checked by our UK manager and issued to our detailers to begin detailing.

Working Drawings Group This allows you to track all your drawings progress.

Steelpac RDM Chart

Sta. Status
Rev. Revision
Rec. Received
TLA. Team Leader Assigned to detailer
DDA Detailer completed and assigned to Team Leader for checking.
MAC Final Check by UK co-ordinator
Iss. Issued to client
RFI Request for Information
RFC Request for Change
CoS Contractual Status (Status A =For Construction, Status B = Minor Changes Required, Status C = Major Changes Required)

Green circle = Actioned
Red circle = Still awaiting action

Reports Here you can download numerous reports that give you the full progress on your project. If the information you require isn’t in here we will create your own report for you.

Downloads Finally when drawings are complete you download them from here. We will send you an email and an alert when drawings are ready.

Also we provide you with an easy to use dashboard that gives you a snap shot of the project.

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