Steelpac ERP


SteelpacERP A Powerful and Flexible Production
System for Steel Reinforcement Suppliers

Steel Reinforcement Suppliers SoftwareSteelpac ERP

The third component of the system, SteelPac ERP is designed for the reinforcement producer. Created in a modular format, SteelPac ERP integrates fully with your existing production and back office tools, and communicates seamlessly with your customers and contractors. Modules include powerful tools for optimisation, production, mesh, prefab and invoicing, enabling you to build a system that best meets your needs and production processes.

Why SteelPac ERP?
• Self keying or electronic file transfer of Schedule data with instantaneous validation to prevailing local Standards eg. BS 8666 or BS 4466 in UK
• Powerful system at a highly competitive price as you only take the modules you need
• Reduction in scrap through optimisation
• Intelligent Change Management ensuring that design changes are implemented speedily and with 100% accuracy
• Interfacing and compatibility with your existing invoicing or production systems
• Comprehensive pricing and contract management functionality
• CARES Approval
• Enables receipt of electronic data from SteelPac compatible supply chain partners
• Shape Code 99 printed on tag exactly as detailed
• Modular Format (build the system to suit your needs)

V2 Screenshots

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